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This past week, Sarah Palin, her tea partiers and Republican candidates from around the country met at their National Tea Party Convention to pander and spread lies in order to frighten voters and win elections in 2010.

Here are a few of the lies they have already told over the past year:

-- Health care reform will include "death panels." No health care reform plans include anything remotely resembling so-called "death panels." called this Sarah Palin claim a "Pants-on-fire lie."

-- Democrats are trying to cut Medicare. AARP calls this claim a scare tactic aimed at America's seniors. Health reform would help save Medicare by cutting waste, fraud and abuse.

-- Democrats have accomplished nothing in Washington. In reality, Democrats have gotten more done for the American people in eleven months than George Bush and his Republican cronies did in eight years, including equal pay for equal work, expanded health coverage for children, investments in energy and education, hate crimes legislation and better consumer protections.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is fighting back against the lies and misinformation.  If it doesn't, the tea partiers could very well win in 2010. Stand with the DSCC. Tell Sarah Palin and the teapartiers that we don't buy their lies, and we will fight against them to protect President Obama's agenda for change.

Letter to
Sarah Palin and her merry band of tea partiers
Your lies won’t work. You aren’t fooling me and you aren’t fooling America. We know that you’ll say anything, make up facts, and deceive the public in order to scare people and win elections.

I’m going to stand up to your deceptions, scare tactics, and fabricated information. I’m going to fight hard in 2010 to make sure the truth prevails and make sure that lies from Republicans that pander to this fringe don’t stop America from moving forward and creating positive change.

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