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Tell San Diego District Attorney, Summer Stephan, to Support SB-10/Bail Reform Today.

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CALL TO ACTION: Please help us hold San Diego County District Attorney, Summer Stephan, accountable on her promise to support bail reform.

San Diego County voters recently elected a new District Attorney – Summer Stephan. During the campaign, Ms. Stephan said more than once that she supported bail reform, and, as District Attorney, she would support much needed changes to our money bail system. Unfortunately, she already appears to be walking back this promise to voters.

Currently a bill on bail reform (SB-10) is being voted on in Sacramento. The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, led by DA Summer Stephan, is officially listed as “opposition”. This is directly in contrast with what then candidate, Summer Stephan, promised during the campaign. 

Join us in asking her to keep her promise to the voters and residents of San Diego County, and support bail reform by reversing her opposition to SB-10 today. 

We know there is a lot going on in the world right now, and this may not seem like a top priority, but bail reform is crucial to creating real justice. Across this nation, and right here in San Diego County, far too many people sit in jail, having never been convicted of crime, simply because they are too poor to pay bail.  If you are rich (but dangerous) you can pay your way out of jail. If you are poor (but not a danger) you may sit in jail for months – often times causing you to lose your job, housing, or worse. Leaving jail pre-trial should ONLY be decided on: whether you are a flight risk, or a danger to the community. We cannot permit a system that criminalizes poverty to exist. Please take 5 minutes of your day to help us hold our elected officials accountable and end this unjust practice of cash-bail.

Sign this position and tell San Diego County District Attorney, Summer Stephan, to support SB-10/Bail Reform today.

Concerned citizens of San Diego County.