Sam Houston Area Council Boy Scouts: Save Camp El Rancho Cima on the Blanco River!

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For 60 years every summer hundreds of young boys and men, with their fathers and counselors, fell in love with the Blanco River and the Texas Hill Country at Camp El Rancho Cima. But now the Sam Houston Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America is trying to sell the 2,382 acre camp to developers, seeking to maximize their sales price while forgetting the conservation values and outdoor education legacy of El Rancho Cima.

Please join with the Lone Star Sierra Club, Save Our Springs Alliance, Wimberley Valley Watershed Assn., Public Citizen, San Marcos River Foundation, and the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance in petitioning the Sam Houston Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America to take Camp El Rancho Cima off the market for twelve months while the funds are raised to buy and preserve the camp forever. With adequate time we are confident the funds can be raised to save the camp for conservation and outdoor recreation and education purposes. So far, the Sam Houston Area Council Boy Scout leadership has denied our request. 

El Rancho Cima provides essential watershed protection for the Blanco River. Rain falling on the ranch flows to the river, then downstream and into the Edwards Aquifer, providing clear clean water for the Edwards Aquifer, San Marcos Springs in San Marcos, and Barton Springs in Austin. Much of the ranch also provides important habitat for the endangered Golden-cheeked warbler. The migratory songbird nests only in the mature oak and ashe juniper woodlands of the Texas Hill Country; its habitat is being cut down and fragmented by the rapid growth in the region. Any development of the El Rancho Cima tract would necessarily introduce development pressure on surrounding properties, threatening the loss of this beautiful and mostly pristine part of the Blanco River watershed. 

We call on the Sam Houston Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America, owners of El Rancho Cima, to follow the Boy Scouts' own Leave No Trace principles in making sure that El Rancho Cima stays protected for conservation and outdoor education and recreation forever. 

Now is the time for Sam Houston scout leaders to follow The Outdoor Code and "Be conservation minded."

Please sign the petition today and help us protect El Rancho Cima forever!

Thank you!