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Tell Roche Pharmaceuticals : Give us the Truth about Accutane!

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Over 14 million people worldwide have taken the Chemotherapy and acne drug - Accutane. Over 4 million people alone in the United States. In theory and some evidence- Accutane may shorten one's potential life-span, as it inhibits your body to produce an enzyme that protects your very DNA - the building block of life! This petition is for anyone that has been negatively affected by the drug, whether it is you, a family member, or just someone you know. Together we can force Roche to come clean on the horrible side effects the company knew all along - and marketed it anyway! With the truth out there, we may be one step closer to coming up with a cure to aid those affected.

Theory and Evidence Behind Accutane with Sufferers' Stories

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Supplemental Reading/Videos

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Hi All - Please send me an email with any stories, questions, or comments. With more activity, the word will spread. Any ideas are more than welcome! The more people who are involved the better!

Feel free to comment on the petition too! Thank you to all that have signed and shared so far.

1/6/12 Update - Hello all! We are making progress! Please send me a note if you have had any complications with stomach/gut/intenstinal inflammation/H Pylori! Thanks.

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