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Tell RI Gov. Lincoln Chafee to Close the Legal Loophole Allowing Minors to be Employed as Strippers

The state of Rhode Island has no law barring minors from working as strippers as long as they meet their 11:30pm curfew on weeknights and provide work permits. Despite the fact that the age of consent in Rhode Island is 16, individuals of that age are still very much children and establishing themselves in such a salacious environment may foster the objectification of child sex and place them in great danger. 

It seems greatly disproportionate that a 16-year-old is barred from working at a gas station or manufacturing plant due to physical hazards in Rhode Island, yet strip clubs are granted legal sanctuary if they hire a girl of the same age group to entertain their male clientele.

This law is exposing young girls to a dangerous occupation and is promoting their exploitation in a sexual environment. This law must be ratified immediately!


Letter to
The Governor of RI
In Rhode Island, Chapter 11-9 Children, Section 11-9-1 states that 16-year-olds are legally barred by the state from participating in hazardous professions such as that of a mechanic and quite specifically, a contortionist among other things. Why then are 16-year-olds legally allowed to strip for money as long as they are home before bedtime? Is the possibility of sexual exploitation and the objectification of child sex not considered to be dangerous to an individual's physical, mental and emotional well-being?

Apparently, Chapter 11-9 Children, Section 11-9-1 does not believe so.

It is imperative that children are allowed to experience adolescence without the possible exposure to the salacious and sexually explicit themes that strip clubs employ. Allowing this law to remain enacted without ratification only fosters the notion of sexual exploitation and will further disengage gender inequality while promoting the mistreatment of women as sexual objects on display.

I urge you, Governor Chafee, to help ratify this law to include this profession as one not suited for a minor. The world is watching and we ask with great sincerity that you perform your duties as state officials and allow the children of Rhode Island to be protected from legally working as sexual performers.


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