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Tell Republicans to End Taxpayer Giveaways to Big Oil

Since the start of this Congress, House Republicans have repeatedly voted to reject measures that would cut taxpayer subsidies to Big Oil. 

During the budget battle in March, Democrats offered a motion that would have ended subsidies to the five largest oil companies, saving tens of billions of taxpayer dollars. The motion failed when Republicans voted unanimously against it.

Now House Speaker John Boehner is caving to political pressure and claiming to be “open” to ending multibillion-dollar taxpayer giveaways to Big Oil companies making record profits despite his decades-long record of protecting them.

Boehner has taken almost $350,000 in campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry and consistently voted to protect taxpayer giveaways for Big Oil. 

If Boehner has had a change of heart, he should put our money where his mouth is.

Tell Speaker Boehner and House Republicans: talk is cheap -- end taxpayer giveaways to Big Oil once and for all.

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