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Tell Rep. Joe Walsh: End the Vitriolic Rhetoric

At a recent town hall meeting, Congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois’ 8th District made a number of insensitive and inflammatory comments about the American Muslim community. These kinds of comments are not helpful to our national conversation and perpetuate a culture of violence against American Muslims.

The following weekend, two different Muslim houses of worship were subject to violent, hateful attacks and a number of Muslim graves were vandalized in nearby Chicago suburbs. 

Violent rhetoric, like the language so often employed by Rep. Walsh, normalizes and enables this kind of violence. Rep. Walsh’s comments were inappropriate, unacceptable, and exemplify all-too-common rhetoric that perpetuates a culture of violence against American Muslims.

We must speak out against this kind of hatred and intolerance. Please join us in asking Rep. Joe Walsh to apologize for his inflammatory comments and put an end to his vitriolic rhetoric.

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