Tell Utah State Legislature NO on HB 193 - You will lose your Vote and your Voice

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UPDATED 2/12/2018

House Bill 193 or, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC), will change the way the Utah votes in the presidential election by redistributing the votes the Utah citizens.  H.B. 193 will take away the Voices of Utah voters.

To simplify the issue:

  1. H.B. 193 will change the course of the presidential election for the State of Utah
  2. H.B. 193 does not eliminate the electoral college of the State of Utah
  3. If voted for, H.B. 193 will award the 6 electoral vote of the State of Utah to the national popular vote, not the popular vote of Utah
  4. Because H.B. 193 will award the electoral votes to the presidential candidate based upon the national vote, it will no longer matter how the majority of Utah votes, thus removing the voice of the Utah citizens
  5. H.B. 193 is named the "National Popular Vote Interstate Compact" but it is no where near national.  Only 10 other states currently have made this pact.  If Utah joins the pact, this bill will not change how the rest of the country will elect a president, they will stay on the same election system.  As a result, it will create confusion on a national level and Utah electoral votes will goto a candidate that Utahns did not vote for
  6. H.B. 193 is simply a bad bill.  If this country truly wants a national popular vote, then every state needs to make a change for a fair and balanced vote, not to create a bill to give citizen's votes away.

Utah deserves proper representation of their voters and H.B. 193 will take the Voices of Utah away.

Read House Bill 193 for your self...

The bill is currently in the House Government Operations Committee.  The petition will be sent to members of that committee to help stop HB 193 in it's tracks.

Tell Representative Jeremy Peterson and the House Government Operations Committee NO and to drop the bill.

Tell the Utah State Representatives to VOTE NO on HB 193.

The following letter will be sent to the House Government Operations Committee members and Chair, Representative Peterson

I am informing you that I disagree with House Bill (H.B.) 193, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

Our elector votes should stay with the popular vote of the State of Utah and always show how we, as a state, have voted, no matter who has won the national popular vote for the Presidential election. Our voices must always be heard both by our vote and by the elector college in relation to our popular vote in the State of Utah.

I demand that you vote NO on H.B. 193 and protect my voice in this great nation.

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Utah State Legislature proposed bill:

Mr. Peterson's Perspective - further explanation of the proposed bill:


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