Don't Take Away Our Patios!

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Don't Take Away Our Patios!

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Zack Medford started this petition to City Councilor Wayne Maiorano and

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The Assistant City Manager is recommending that City Council revoke Patio Permits for all businesses that don't serve 'enough' food. That means no more drinking beer outside of Paddy O'Beers, or many of your other favorite local businesses that don't make at least 30% of their sales from food. If a business has a patio permit to use the sidewalk but doesn't sell 'enough' food then they lose their patio.

No more trips to Foundation with your puppy for a cocktail on a warm summer evening. No more sipping chardonnay on the patio outside of The Raleigh Wine Shop.

Raleigh is consistently ranked among the top places in the nation to start a business. Many of our vibrant, successful small businesses have built their foundations on having these patios. Revoking this privilege is not only unfair, but it will take away jobs and tax revenue that our city needs!

To make matters worse, the small business owners that will be dramatically affected by this new ordinance were informed less than 4 days before the ordinance comes to a vote!


If you like the freedom to sit outside of local businesses like Paddy O'Beers, and drink a good beer, then tell city council NOT to take away our rights!

Sign the petition today, share it on Facebook and join us at the upcoming Patio Permit City Council hearing* to help us send a message to the Raleigh City Council. WEAR A BLUE SHIRT so we can show them a visual sign of our numbers!

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Click here to see the proposed ordinance


The battle to ‪#‎SavethePatios‬ is far from over but City Council met yesterday and they heard our voices. Instead of immediately pushing this ordinance through, they passed it to the Law & Public Safety Committee for review.

Join us Tuesday outside of Paddy O'Beers at 2:00pm as we rally together. We will be passing out some #SavethePatio shirts in exchange for small donations to the Patio Defense Fund. We'll walk down to 222 Hargett street to make our voices heard together.

After the meeting we'll walk back to Paddy O'Beers and Capital City Tavern to enjoy our time in the great outdoors on Raleigh’s patios. The media will be on hand to do some interviews, and help us take our message even further. It is time for us to take a stand and support the local businesses that make our city so great!

Tuesday, June 9
2:00pm - Meet in front of 121 Fayetteville Street in front of the NC Capitol

2:30pm - Rally to 222 Hargett Street Room 301 for Committee Meeting

3:00pm - Committee meeting begins

After The Meeting - Return to Paddy O'Beers & Capital City Tavern for the #SavethePatios Party

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This petition had 8,744 supporters

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