Tell President Obama and the EPA to Stand Up to Big Oil


Thanks to the Renewable Fuel Standard, America has tripled the production of renewable fuel in the last ten years. This bipartisan initiative has helped drive oil imports down to the lowest level in 20 years, reduced harmful pollution, and created hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Now, the EPA is threatening to derail that progress.

Instead of implementing the policy as Congress intended, the EPA is siding with oil companies who want to block competition from renewable fuel. That means fewer choices for consumers and higher prices at the pump.

Will the EPA side with American jobs & innovation, or cave to the interests of the oil industry?

With so much on the line, the United States can’t afford to turn its back on renewable fuel. Tell the EPA to stand up to Big Oil and get the Renewable Fuel Standard back on track. Don’t let Big Oil determine the choices consumers have at the pump.

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