Tell Pilgrim’s Pride: stop misleading customers, treatment of chickens isn’t humane

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Pilgrim’s Pride markets themselves as a humane source for chicken, but the Human Society found that their chickens are raised in anything but humane conditions. Pilgrim’s Pride is scalding chickens while they’re still alive, and raising them in cramped and unhealthy conditions - only to later sell their chicken with the taglines: ‘100% natural’ and ‘raised as humanely as possible’. Demand Pilgrim’s Pride stop misleading customers.

Increasingly, Americans want to eat meat that is humanely raised, and are willing to pay a premium to vote with their wallets. Pilgrim’s Pride is expanding production of their American Humane Certified Just BARE chicken brand, it’s among the top choices for customers on the meat aisle because of the promise of Pilgrim’s Pride branding. But according to a filing by the Humane Society to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the majority of Pilgrim’s Pride chickens are raised and slaughtered in inhumane conditions. Many are even scalded and drowned while still alive, only to later market these chickens as ‘100% natural’ and ‘humanely raised’. Customers should know what they are buying. Tell Pilgrim’s Pride to stop misleading customers with their marketing.

For egg laying hens, humane treatment means they should have the room to roam and spread their wings, this sadly isn’t the case at Pilgrim’s Pride. The breed of chickens raised by Pilgrim’s Pride grows rapidly to maturity in 50-days, they grow so fast that their bodies cannot support their weight and they suffer health consequences. These chickens are raised in windowless barns filled with feces and dust. The barns are so crowded that each chicken only has an estimated 100 square inches of space, according to the Humane Society. This doesn’t sound ‘100% natural’ or ‘raised as humanely as possible’.

Tell Pilgrim’s Pride to stop misleading customers with their false marketing. These chickens and American consumers both deserve better.