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Pharmacies are supposed to be dedicated to protecting and promoting the health of their customers.  Yet major chains like CVS and Rite Aid sell cigarettes and other tobacco products, often placing these goods right next to tobacco cessation aids like nicotine gums and patches.  No pharmacy could, in good faith, possibly claim that they are selling these products to protect and promote their patrons' health.  

According to the World Health Organization, tobacco has been responsible for approximately 100 million deaths over the past century, and this number could increase tenfold in the next century.  Despite international recommendations that pharmacies refrain from selling tobacco products, most chain pharmacies continue to keep cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco merchandise on their shelves. Some places in America have already instituted laws prohibiting tobacco sales at pharmacies, but these laws have barely made a dent on the national level.

Take a stand today by sending a letter to CVS and Rite Aid, telling these big chain pharmacies that they need to mandate a stop to tobacco sales in ALL of their stores.  

Letter to
Director, Public Relations, CVS Mike DeAngelis
Rite Aid Board of Directors
Pharmacies and pharmacists are charged with the role of protecting and promoting the health of their patients and patrons. Still, most of your chain's stores sell tobacco products like cigarettes and cigars every day, often placing these dangerous goods right next to smoking cessation aids.

The World Health Organization estimates that 100 million deaths over the past century have been attributable to tobacco, and expects this number to increase tenfold in the next century. The International Pharmaceutical Federation has called for policies prohibiting the sales of tobacco products at pharmacies. Cities like San Francisco and Boston have already enacted regulations that ban tobacco sales at pharmacies. There is no justifiable health reason that your stores should continue allowing these products to be sold in other cities in the US.

I am writing to ask you to institute and support policies within your own company that would prohibit the selling of tobacco products in your chains. Your customers deserve a single, unified message from their pharmacists and their pharmacies. Please do not allow this practice to continue in your stores!

Thank you very much for your consideration.

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