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Tell PetSmart to Stop Selling Shock Collars

PetSmart uses only positive reinforcement in their in-store training classes, citing that reward-based training is scientifically proven to be the most effective method, as well as being the most humane and fun way to train. "Learning should not be painful or harmful," says their website, "and many of the 'old school' training techniques were based on using pain or the fear of pain to get dogs to respond. Clearly this is not how we train at PetSmart."

Yet, just down the aisle, they sell a variety of electronic collars designed to shock your dog. 

In an open letter regarding shock collars, veterinary behaviorist Dr. Karen Overall wrote "Shock is not training -- in the vast majority of cases, it meets the criteria for abuse." 

Victoria Stilwell, trainer from Animal Planet's It's Me or the Dog, says "You train a dog to do something by giving it an electric shock? It is disgusting, it is perverse, it is abusive, and no wonder this dog's got problems."

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers says that electronic collars "can result in trauma to your dog" and should not be used, particularly by novice dog owners and trainers who are not properly instructed in the collars' use. Anyone can walk into PetSmart, buy a shock collar and put it on their dog or puppy straight from the box.

It's time for PetSmart's products to be consistent with their humane training policies. Ask PetSmart to take shock collars off the shelves.

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