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Tell PETA Violence Against Women is Never Okay.

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PETA launched a new campaign encouraging people to go Vegan by promoting violence against women. Violence in any form is never okay.

In its latest ploy to correlate being vegan with sex, PETA has over stepped every line in a campaign that would make anyone cringe.  The campaign is called: BWVAKTBOOM: "Boyfriend Went Vegan and Knocked the Bottom out of Me."  Appropriately titled for a series of advertisements that not only display [without any trigger warnings], but highlight and romanticize sexual violence against women.  In its latest ad, PETA portrays a disheveled and physically & sexually battered woman who is the “latest victim” of a boyfriend who went vegan and then “knocked the bottom out of her”.  She is seen with bruises all over her body and even has to wear a neck-brace.


PETA further proves its ignorance around violence against women by boasting a new website for the BWVAKTBOOM campaign where videos can be readily viewed, and there is a [intended-to-be] humorous “call” to prevent BWVAKTBOOM-related injuries. Violent messages are sent, such as:


“For years, women have been open to the physical, emotional, and karmic benefits of veganism. But now, more and more men are discovering the perks of a plant-based diet. More specifically, a dramatic increase in their wang power and sexual stamina.


Unfortunately, the consequences of all this mind-blowing intercourse can often lead to sex injuries such as whiplash, pulled muscles, rug burn, and even a dislocated hip.”


PETA has clearly overlooked any regard for survivors of sexual and domestic violence in this new campaign, while making a mockery out of the seriousness of violence against women.


In taking a stand that there is NEVER an excuse to promote or diminish the real-life impact of violence, I demand the full termination of the BWVAKTBOOM campaign.


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