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Petitioning PayPal David Marcus, President

Tell PayPal to eliminate their arbitration clause!


Starting November 1st, PayPal buried a clause in its user agreement that eliminates the right of its customers to seek justice in court if they they’ve been mistreated by the company.  It’s called forced arbitration.  Forced arbitration allows companies to funnel all consumer claims into a secretive system set up by the company to favor the company, no matter how bad the company’s conduct or how many consumers they ripped off.  Tell PayPal you want your legal rights back! Sign the petition today!

Letter to
PayPal David Marcus, President
As of November 1st, PayPal changed the user agreement to force customers into mandatory arbitration, eliminating the right to seek justice in court for any legal dispute. Please respect customers’ legal rights. Don’t force your customers to give up constitutional rights in order to use your service, eliminate the arbitration clause today!