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Tell Orbitz: Stop sponsoring FOX News' climate lies

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"For those who love to travel the globe, protecting it comes with the turf."[1]

So says Orbitz, the online travel site that touts its sustainability measures, encourages customers to offset the carbon emissions from travel, promotes "eco-tourism," green hotels, and hybrid rental cars.

Unfortunately, Orbitz undermines all of those laudable efforts by advertising on FOX News, the most pernicious and voluminous source of climate denial misinformation. FOX's anti-climate agenda is actively slowing our ability to protect the planet. And green-touting Orbitz sponsors climate denial with every ad they run on FOX!

Orbitz has a choice. It can stand by its commitment to protect our planet or they can continue to support FOX News with its advertising dollars. We think the choice is a no brainer. That's why we've joined with League of Conservation Voters to demand that Orbitz pull their ads from FOX now.

Tell Orbitz: Stop sponsoring FOX News's anti-climate agenda.

Climate change is taking a huge toll across the world, in so many of the places that Orbitz encourages us to visit and cherish - from ocean acidification that is destroying the Great Barrier Reef, to rising oceans literally drowning Pacific Island nations, to the retreat of glaciers from the Alps to Glacier National Park to Alaska, to shorter ski seasons in Colorado, and the ferocious storms that devastate our cities, like New Orleans.

So it's a bitter irony that Orbitz would choose to support FOX, which is doing so much to speed this destruction, and undermine the political will that we as a country need to effectively fight the oncoming climate catastrophe.

FOX's Washington managing editor literally directed his staff to deny that the earth is warming. [2] FOX has lied about the earth's temperature record, distorted scientific works and the statements of scientists, repeatedly suggest that snow disproves global warming, and promoted the bogus climate-gate scandal. [3]

And of course FOX's parent company News Corp donated one one million dollars to the rabidly anti-climate Chamber of Commerce, helping to elect to congress the largest wave of climate deniers in history.

Eco-conscious consumers don't want to support FOX News' agenda of denying climate change with every ticket they book via Orbitz. And if the company is truly committed to protecting the planet, then they shouldn't want to use their money used that way either.

Tell Orbitz: Stop sponsoring FOX's anti-climate agenda.

Orbitz claims to be committed to "helping raise environmental awareness."[4] And Orbitz was proud to say last year that their customers donated $50,000 to to buy carbon offsets.[5]

But how much would it cost to offset the disastrous effects of FOX's misinformation?

Orbitz can't have it both ways. It's time for them live up to their principles, and book their ads on a return trip from FOX's state of climate-denial.

Please Join CREDO and the League of Conservation Voters to help make sure Orbitz gets the message, and knows that those of us who really do care about the planet are watching closely.


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