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During Cesar Millan's speaking tour in November, Ontario officials refused to let his pet pit bull, Junior, into the province.

New Democrat MPP, Cheri DiNovo, who has repeatedly introduced a bill to repeal the ban, said, "It's significant that Cesar Millan, the foremost dog trainer in the world, has had two generations of pit bulls that he's used as his example of well-trained, happy, responsive dogs."

The Ontario breed ban was enacted in 2005 against "pit bulls" in response to media hype around the dogs. Since that time, countless pit bull type dogs have been rounded up and killed simply because of their appearance.

This ill-conceived measure has not made Ontario any safer.

According to the National Canine Research Council only one of Canada’s 45 dog-related fatalities, since 1964, has involved a dog identified to be a pit bull or pit bull type dog. The Toronto Humane Society notes that the bite rate has not decreased since the breed discriminatory law was enacted.

Please ask Ontario officials to repeal their breed ban, and let them know you have no intention of visiting their province until they stop discriminating against dogs.

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I recently read on that you banished Junior, the well behaved pet pit bull of world-renowned dog trainer, Cesar Milan, simply because of his appearance. I'm saddened and shocked at the witch hunt your government is waging against dogs.

Ontario's breed discriminatory law has failled to protect the public and should be repealed.

Since the ban was enacted in 2005 your bite statistics have not improved, yet your policy has killed thousands of short-haired dogs simply because of their appearance.

Indeed, only one pit bull type dog had ever been implicated in a dog-related fatality in Canada. According to the National Canine Research Council, the majority of dogs involved in serious attacks in Canada are northern breeds: huskies, malamutes, and sled dogs.

Any dog can bite. Ontario should follow Calgary's lead and enact a comprehensive, breed-neutral dangerous dog law. Your government should crack down on reckless owners and prevent them from having any dog.

I hope you have the courage to evaluate the impact of this law and modify it. Until that time, I am joining other dog lovers in choosing not to spend my tourist dollars in Ontario.

Thank you for your consideration.

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