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Tell Ohio's Lawmakers: Continue to Fund Tobacco Prevention in Ohio!

Did you know that Ohio is a test market for many new tobacco products?  At a time when tobacco companies are spending $1.5 million EVERY DAY in Ohio to market to our children, Ohio is set to spend $0 to counteract those efforts.  On June 30th, ALL tobacco prevention and cessation funding in Ohio will cease, leaving our children prone to a lifetime of tobacco addiction.   

Are we willing to concede the fight for tobacco prevention and our children's health to big tobacco?"  Take a quick moment, before it's too late, to send a message to Ohio's lawmakers letting them know that we MUST continue to fund tobacco prevention in Ohio! 

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Ohio is a test market for new tobacco products. These look like mints, toothpicks and breath strips. But they're not. They contain finally ground tobacco and are causing Ohio's youth to become addicted to these deadly products.

In fact, the tobacco industry spends $1.5 million each day in Ohio to encourage Ohioans to use--and become addicted to--these and other tobacco products.

Unfortunately, Ohio is preparing to eliminate funding for tobacco prevention and cessation - much needed resources to help prevent kids from starting and help current tobacco users quit. We know most tobacco users start before the age of 18 and that 80% of current users, of all ages, want to quit! Sadly, it can take up to 7 attempts to be successful. Some never are.

In addition, annual healthcare expenditures in Ohio directly caused by tobacco use is $4.37 billion. And smoking-caused state Medicaid program spending each year is $1.4 billion. In this economic environment, we can't afford to NOT address this problem. Not funding proven tobacco prevention and cessation programs in Ohio is penny-wise, pound-foolish!

Tobacco prevention and cessation programs are proven to save lives and money--a win-win for Ohio. I urge you to learn more about ways we can continue to fund these vital programs!