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​Veteran Orange County Register investigative reporter Tony Saavedra reported in 2010 - According to Saavedra's review of Orange County pension records, Mike Carona--who was sentenced in 2009 to 5.5 years in federal prison for corruption--still collects a taxpayer-funded $18,000-a-month paycheck--and will do so for the rest of his life.

The Orange County Employees Retirement System (OCERS) refused to open its database to public consumption until forced by Saavedra and the Register, which took the OCERS to court. Superior Court Judge Luis Rodriguez sided with the paper, noting that public access to the taxpayer-funded pensions is necessary "to expose corruption, incompetence, inefficiency, prejudice and favoritism."

He took the cash, the free private-jet trips, the Las Vegas casino chips, the custom-made suits and the boat. He surrounded himself with moral degenerates, even gave them real badges and full police powers. He allowed a con man from the Middle East to film top-secret Homeland Security procedures here. He accepted illegal campaign contributions. He sent the wife of an underling birthday cards that named his penis—and I quote—“The Little Sheriff.” He partied with high-ranking organized-crime associates in a Newport Beach bar. He threatened retaliation against those who criticized him. He told a businessman to pay his top mistress more than $60,000 in hush money. He ordered aircraft to fly endless, low circles over a political rival’s home.

There was more:

He had sex in a car with a government employee while his oblivious wife and son were nearby. He made and lost a $100 bet that someone couldn’t sell a real sheriff’s badge for a $5,000 campaign contribution. He put his uniform jacket on a nearly naked prostitute in his hotel room during a trip to Moscow. He helped skim more than $100,000 from death proceeds that were supposed to go to the wives of fallen deputies. He lied on financial-disclosure forms. He promoted morally unfit deputies to high positions in exchange for personal loyalty. He used the kidnapping, rape and murder of a child as a vehicle to bolster his political career. He tried to sleep with the wife of an incarcerated inmate. He hid or destroyed embarrassing public records. He gave now-thoroughly documented favors to a convicted murderer, to a swindler, to a corporate crook and to the unapologetic rapist of a 16-year-old girl.

Given that partial list of sins, it was fitting that our county’s ex-top cop tried to save himself by employing an appellate argument first crafted by—drum roll, please—East Coast organized-crime bosses. Carona argued that federal prosecutor Brett Sagel had violated the no-contact rule that bars government officials from eliciting incriminating statements from suspects who’ve hired defense lawyers. In his view, Sagel should have gotten permission from Dean Stewart, his lawyer, before ordering a pre-indictment listening device surreptitiously planted at the sheriff’s restaurant table. Mafia bosses love that concept because, if condoned by judges, the mere act of hiring a defense lawyer prior to an arrest would shield them from undercover FBI stings.
(With respects to OC weekly and Mr. R. Scott Moxley- i copied and pasted his reports to help support our petition. With the Fair Use Act of 1976 in mind as well.)

Let's take our taxpayer funded pension away from this corrupt man and put it back into our schools were it belongs.

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