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Tell Nordstrom to Stop Selling Stolen Beauty Products

Ahava cosmetic products -- available at several high-end retailers -- promises to make you beautiful with secrets from the Dead Sea. But the real secret behind these mud masks and foot soaks is a story of human rights abuse and international law breaking. 

The company's factory and visitor center are located in, and partially owned by, Mitzpe Shalem, an illegal settlement in the Occupied West Bank. The company excavates mud and minerals from the Dead Sea in occupied Palestinian territory while indigenous Palestinians are kicked off their land and denied access to their resources. Furthermore, Ahava markets its products as "made in Israel," but according to international public law, the West Bank is not considered part of the State of Israel -- thus breaking labeling laws and hiding the true nature of their products' origins. Not only does Ahava profit off stolen resources, their profits subsidize Israel's illegal settlement policy, seriously jeopardizing efforts at peace in the region. 

In 2009, CODEPINK launched the Stolen Beauty campaign to raise awareness about Ahava's actions in the West Bank. The campaign is part of the global BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement, using non-violent measures to pressure Israel to end the occupation. By removing the economic incentives of occupation, BDS advocates hope that support for the occupation will also wane. 

Despite the Ahava's human rights and international law violations, many prominent retailers continue to stock Ahava products. For example, high-end department store Nordstrom has been resisting pressure to remove Ahava from it's shelves. Nordstrom has committed to making ethically-based business decisions in their "Nordstrom Cares" social responsibility strategy. However, they continue to carry the Ahava, in direct conflict with their own guidelines. 

Help CODEPINK make the Stolen Beauty campaign a success by signing this petition, asking Nordstrom to stop selling Ahava products.

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