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Tell Noble County No Permits for Puppy Millers

Marlin Bontrager of Rome City, Indiana is a large commercial breeder supplying The Family Puppy pet stores in Michigan. The dogs on his puppy farm have a job. Their job is to pump out as many puppies for the pet trade while living with minimal shelter and veterinary care. See 2012 photos here.

On January 2, 2013 Bontrager will be facing the Zoning Board of Appeals in Albion Indiana for permission to kennel 170+ dogs! That is too many dogs!!!

Noble County Office Complex - South
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Albion IN 46701
Meeting begins at 7 p.m. the basement.

The USDA inspector has been visiting the kennel regularly since June 2012 citing direct violations involving not seeking veterinary care for a sick puppy. Also in June, the USDA inspector recorded temperatures in the 90’s inside the kennel. Dogs were heavily panting and puppies were stretched out on the wire floor trying to stay cool. If that isn’t horrible enough, the USDA came back in October 2012 and recorded 6 more violations involving dogs with painful eye problems without veterinary care, excessive accumulated feces that were sitting so long under the dogs wire floor beetle shells were found and clogged drains causing strong odors. This is not acceptable!

Bontrager has a history of violations going back to 2008 including: housing, shelter, primary enclosures, cleanliness, feeding and vet care. Read his inspection reports.

Noble County please say no to puppy mills.


Letter to
Noble County Board of Zoning Appeals
Residents of Noble County would be shocked to learn a puppy mill has been operating since 2008 shipping puppies out of state with no benefit to their community. Large dog kennels operating for profits only show little regard for the welfare of the animals, and are always cutting corners when it comes to adequate shelter, food and veterinary care.

One family can not possibly take care of 170+ dogs providing them a healthy environment and attention.

The local shelters are trying to find homes for dogs and they are working against adoption problems.

The USDA is reporting repeat and direct violations. Chronic offenders to the Animal Welfare Act should not be allowed to operate. Please say no to puppy mill operations.