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Tell NJ Governor Christie: Hold a "Town Hall" Event During Evening or Weekend Hours!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has hosted over 30 so-called “town hall” meetings during his administration – but not a single one has been during evening or weekend hours, when most working people can attend.

At one recent “town hall” event in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Governor Christie said, “It’s so important to show up and express your opinion.” Yet every single one of these taxpayer-funded political rallies has been stacked with disproportionately friendly audiences – a result of careful planning behind each event,excluding the vast majority of middle class taxpayers.

Governor Christie’s so-called “town halls” are anything but the open, inclusive opportunity for dialog that he says they are. Demand that he meet the working people of New Jersey during evening or weekend hours. 


Letter to
Press Secretary, Office of the Governor Michael Drewniak
Regional Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, Office of the Governor Matt Mowers
New Jersey Governor
The hard-working people of New Jersey deserve a chance to be heard. Please have a "town hall" event during evening or weekend hours.

You have hosted dozens of these taxpayer-funded events, but none during hours in which the vast majority of working New Jerseyans would be able to attend. As a result, the audiences at these "town halls" have not represented an accurate cross-section of New Jersey citizens. In other words: the scheduling of these events is such that most middle-class New Jersey citizens would never be able to attend; never have a chance to ask you questions face to face.

At a recent "town hall" event in Cherry Hill, you said, "It's so important to show up and express your views." But so far, the design of your allegedly "open" forums has been anything but open. Please schedule at least one "town hall" event during evening or weekend hours, so that middle-class New Jerseyans can come and be heard.

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