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Tell Nickelodeon to Stop Marketing Violent and Perverted Games to Kids

Most people associate Nickelodeon with its chirpy, kid-friendly entertainment channel. However, "Nick" also operates a games site called, where kids can play "Perry the Sneak" and spy on naked women in the shower (and gain extra rewards for sleeping with the women) or try their hand at any number of violent killing games from "Stick Dude Killing Arena" to "Barnville Massacre" to "Bloody Day", where "back alley butchering has never been so fun." The list of abhorrent games goes on and on, from the option of helping people commit suicide to shooting kittens out of cannons in "make Fluffy bloody." 

Despite letters of protest from more than 4,000 parents, Nickelodeon has not removed links to its gaming site from its,, and sites, all targeted at young children.

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  • Executive Vice President, Digital, Nickelodeon Kids and Family Group
    Steve Youngwood

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