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Petitioning CEO, Viacom Philippe P. Dauman

Tell Nickelodeon to Apologize for Making Fun of Homeless People

iCarly, a popular Nickelodeon kids show about a teenager who creates an online show, features a running joke about 'hobos'. The show's website even has a photo album of the main character dressed as a 'hobo' because, the site explains, "At iCarly we LOVE hobos. So we had ourselves a hobo party! Check out our new iSnaps gallery to see iCarly all hobo-fied." 

 Please write to the CEO of Viacom, which owns Nickelodeon, and let them know you don't approve of making fun of homeless people. Ask them to apologize for these insensitive jokes. Our children shouldn't be taught that it is okay to mock people because of their financial situation.

Photo credit: Loren Javier

Letter to
CEO, Viacom Philippe P. Dauman
I am writing to ask you to apologize for the insensitive way iCarly, a prominent show on the Nickelodeon network, portrays and makes fun of homeless people. Not only does the show feature consistent jokes about 'hobos', but its website also features a photo gallery of the characters "all hobo-fied".

Nickelodeon is the most watched children's television network and as such has a massive influence on young people. Allowing one of its most popular shows to poke fun at those who are less fortunate teaches children that such actions are okay. While I'm sure the network and the show meant no offense, its mockery of the homeless and impoverished is unacceptable.

Please apologize for the way iCarly has made fun of the homeless. It is mean, teaches the wrong lessons, and should have no place at your company. Thank you,

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