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Tell New Zealand No More Battery Cages

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The National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee of New Zealand recently introduced a proposal that would eliminate all current hen battery cages and replace them with "enriched" cages.

Sounds like a great idea ... until you look into what "enriched" really means. The new cages will be nothing more than a slightly larger battery cage. Each hen will receive just a few more inches of room. 

Enriched cages will still prohibit hens from practicing behaviors that come naturally to them. They will still be subjected to injuries to their skin and feet, osteoporosis and muscle weakness.

Enriched cages are so inhumane, countries in Europe have banned them due to animal cruelty. 

Sign the petition to send a letter to the Minister of Agriculture and the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee telling them enriched cages aren't enough and a total ban on cage systems is needed. 


Photo credit: CALM Action

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