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Show your workers some respect this holiday season

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Native Foods is one of my favorite restaurants so I am sad to hear it's closing the DC locations down after December 8. As a customer, I was certainly surprised to hear of the sudden closings only a week before they will shut down. But even more disappointing is knowing the workers at Native Foods only found out about the closings and loss of their jobs this week -- the same time customers were informed.

I'm asking Native Foods to please make the compassionate and responsible decision to at least pay its workers through the end of this year so they can have some bit of relief this holiday season.

When Native Foods opened in DC I was so excited and even got featured in their newsletter as a customer! I know the chain has big plans to bring great plant-based food to people across the country after establishing successful locations on the West Coast. I told my colleagues at work about Native Foods and bought extra items to share in the office, regularly went with my friends and family visiting from out of town, and used social media to encourage people to check it out. What's not to love about delicious plant-based eating that's better for animals, the environment, and our own health?

That's why it's so surprising that Native Foods, a business which says "we strive to create a compassionate dining experience serving up homemade meals that are good for you, your family and the environment," would make the decision to give its own hard-working staff virtually no notice before laying them off right in time for the holidays! The food can be plant-based, but what mixed-up message of compassion does it send the public if you're laying off dozens of workers right before the holidays?

I know it's not easy to run a business and thank Native Foods for all they do to serve food aligned with good values. However, I think it's reasonable to offer all the workers at these specific Native Foods locations the pay they would have earned through the end of this year -- so they can have a small amount of relief as they try to enjoy the holiday season and look for new jobs elsewhere.

I hope Native Foods will listen to customers. They have other locations elsewhere in the country and it would send a harsh message about the company's values if they do not make this small but important step to show respect for its workers.

Thank you.

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