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One year after Mott's reaped a record $555 million in profit, executives are insisting on downsizing employee pay at a plant in Williamson, New York, by $1.50 an hour — not to mention severely cutting benefits across the board.

Tell Dr. Pepper Snapple, Mott's corporate owner, that this unjustified behavior is hurting American workers and needs to stop immediately, or you will refuse to purchase Mott's products.

The icing on the cake? Executives from Dr. Pepper Snapple explained the slash in compensation by telling workers to think of themselves as a "commodity," like "soybeans or oil," whose value had dropped.

This sort of rhetoric proves that Dr. Pepper Snapple has no respect for the hard work of its employees. Speak up and show your support for the 300 striking Mott's workers in Williamson — sign the petition below.

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Letter to
Dr. Pepper Snapple Public Relations Jean Ziliani
Dr. Pepper Snapple, Manager of Corp. Affairs Chris Barnes
Dr. Pepper Snapple CEO Larry Young
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Dr. Pepper Snapple Public Relations AJ Goodman
Last year, Mott's made a record profit of $555 million. Yet in Williamson, New York, Dr. Pepper Snapple executives are unjustifiably cutting the wages of 300 employees by $1.50 an hour — not to mention eliminating pensions for future employees, freezing pensions for current employees, decreasing employer contributions to 401(k)s by 20 percent, and increasing employee contributions toward health care premiums and co-pays.

It's time you show your employees the respect they deserve by reinstating their full pay and benefits. Until you do so, I refuse to purchase any Mott's products.

Thank you.

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