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Tell Montgomery County Council to Build the Mid-County Highway Alternative 9A Alignment

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The Mid-County Highway (M-83) is a master-planned 4-lane north/south parkway that has been the basis for planned density in Upounty areas east of I-270, especially in Clarksburg. The roadway will provide a viable north/south travel alternative to I-270 and MD 355 on the east side of I-270, similar to Great Seneca Highway on the west side of I-270. If the County does not build this critical infrastructure it will be detrimental to the quality of life for Upcounty residents.

Here are some facts to remember:

- Montgomery County Planning Board, the City of Gaithersburg, and the Upcounty Citizens Advisory Board supports Alternate 9A.

- Mid-County Highway master plan alignment has been on area master plans for nearly 50 years.

- The roadway was reconfirmed in the 1994 Clarksburg master plan.

- M-83 is the basis for density planned, approved and constructed in Upcounty including Damascus, Clarksburg, Germantown, Montgomery Village, Shady Grove, and other areas east of I 270.

- Corridor Cities Transitway (CCT) to Clarksburg and BRT along MD 355 to Clarksburg are needed in addition to M-83 to enhance Upcounty mobility options, not as a REPLACEMENT of M-83.

- The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) Midcounty Corridor Study (MCS) Draft Environmental Effects Report (DEER) clearly documents that M-83 Alternative 9 provides the highest transportation effectiveness among all alternatives considered.

- Through bridging, alignment shifts, and retaining walls, all with substantial added costs, alignment Alternative 9A minimizes impact to wetlands, streams, forest, floodplains, and parklands.

- The DEER also proposes substantial mitigation to forest and parkland losses to fully offset any impact from Alternative 9A.

- M-83 Alternative 9A will protect long-established and historic communities such as Prathertown and Goshen along Brink Road, Wightman Road, and Warfield Road.

- Upcounty residents, especially in Clarksburg, have made decisions about their purchases of residence based on area master plans, which includes M-83.

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