Tell Mexican Gov:Take emergency measures to save the last 12 porpoises, Gulf of California

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There are only 12 vaquita porpoises left in the world, in the Gulf of California, located in Mexico. These amazing animals are the rarest and most-endangered species of marine mammal in the world.The reason for the species decline is human greed, and over fishing of another species by poachers, which is sold on the black market in China for Chinese medicine. The Vaquita porpoises get caught in gillnets and are drowning to death daily. The government has done very little to stop poaching or the killing of these animals. With only 12 of these amazing intelligent animals left in the world, the Mexican government needs to take emergency action to save this species. All fishing activity off the coast of the town of San Felipe should be halted for the rest of the year, and the Navy should patrol the area to stop poachers. If fishing was temporarily stopped the species may be saved from extinction, otherwise it will be extinct within months. 

Several NGO's are working to save these animals, but the government must take action to save the species from extinction now. I also suggest people boycott the Baja region of Mexico as a vacation destination until this horrible issue is addressed.

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