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Tell McDonald's: No anti-transgender violence! Protect gender identity/expression.

This disturbing video shows violence against a transgender woman at a McDonald's restaurant in Baltimore County, Maryland. Smoking Gun reported that a McDonald's employee posted the video with comments that appear to blame the victim for being transgender and trying to use the restroom. The employee further accused the transgender woman of faking her seizure seen in the video.

McDonald's wrote they are "shocked" at this anti-transgender violence, and yet they have no anti-discrimination policy to protect transgender employees or customers. And this is not the first anti-transgender incident at McDonald's. In 2009, Zikerria Bellamy faced hiring discrimination and received a harassing anti-transgender phone call from a McDonald's manager. Change is overdue. These can not be treated as one-off situations where an employee gets fired and a press release issued. Real changes must be made.

We call upon McDonald's not only to add gender identity/expression to their non-discrimination policies but also to institute practices that show that McDonald's is committed to inclusion and safety for transgender and gender variant people. While policies sometimes have only limited effects, we know that policy and social change are mutually reinforcing, and McDonald's has not shown real commitment on transgender issues through their policies!

This petition was delivered to:
  • Director of Social Responsibility, McDonald's
    Bob Langert
  • Supervisor - U.S. Communications, McDonald's
    Ashlee Yingling
  • Senior Director - Global Media Relations, McDonald's
    Lisa Howard
  • Senior Director - Global Media Relations, McDonald's
    Heidi Barker
  • Director - U.S. Communications, McDonald's
    Danya Proud
  • Administrative Coordinator - Global Media Relations, McDonald's
    Theresa Riley
  • McDonald's Gay, Lesbian, and Ally Network
    Cathy Martin and Richard Ellis
  • Supervisor - Global Media Relations, McDonald's
    Lizzie Roscoe
  • McDonald's Gay, Lesbian, and Ally Network
    Jesse Pamperin
  • Manager - Global Media Relations, McDonald's
    Becca Hary
  • Global Chief Diversity Officer, McDonald's
    Patricia Harris
  • Chief Executive Officer, McDonald's
    Jim Skinner
  • Senior Manager - Global Media Relations
    Lisa McComb

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