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Naked and freezing.

That’s how you’d end up under the sample budget McDonald’s put together to help its low-wage employees with financial planning. With no line items for things like clothing, heat or gas, it’s clear that McDonald’s employees earning minimum wage can’t make ends meet, even with the second income suggested.

Also noticeably absent is an allotment for child care. Given that two-thirds of fast-food workers are women and almost one-third of minimum-wage earners are raising children, it’s likely that a significant number of McDonald’s employees require child care services.

If executives at McDonald’s truly want to provide workers with the resources to effectively manage their budgets, they must commit to paying all their employees a living wage. Creating impractical budgeting guides is not just insulting; it’s also a waste of money that would be better dedicated to tangibly improving employees’ lives.

McDonald’s is a worldwide leader of the fast-food industry. It’s time for them to raise the standards for low-wage employees.

Letter to
McDonald's CEO Donald Thompson
McDonald’s frontline employees need more than financial planning resources. As your own budget planning tool demonstrates, a typical McDonald’s restaurant employee would need to work two jobs to get by – and that still excludes many critical expenses such as child care and gas.

As a worldwide leader in the fast-food industry, we challenge you to raise standards by paying your employees (including franchise employees) a living wage. Money spent on the Practical Money Skills Budget Journal could be better directed to an increase in wages that would more tangibly improve employees’ lives.

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