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Petitioning Retired General, co-chair of Joining Forces Stanley McChrystal

Tell McChrystal to Resign: Military Families Need a Compassionate Advocate

Last week, ABC News and other venues covered Mary Tillman’s opposition to McChrystal’s appointment. McChrystal was involved in the cover-up surrounding the death of Mary’s son, former NFL star Pat Tillman.

We couldn’t agree more with Mary, and we thank her for speaking out.

In addition to being involved in this cover-up, McChrystal found himself in hot water when the unit he oversaw at Camp Nama in Iraq came under investigation in 2006 for the use of torture and abuse of prisoners as part of its interrogation methods.  It has been reported by Army intelligence officers that not only did McChrystal directly violate the Geneva Conventions by prohibiting the Red Cross from making inspections at Camp Nama, but that he was often present when torture and prisoner abuse were occurring.  

McChrystal’s appointment to this commission is an insult to military families, and shows how out of touch “Joining Forces” really is. Will you sign our petition today to ask McChrystal to resign from his commission?  Military families need an advocate with a record of compassion, not torture and lies.

Letter to
Retired General, co-chair of Joining Forces Stanley McChrystal
We, the undersigned, believe that the interests of Veterans and Military Families are not well served by the appointment of Retired Army General Stanley McChrystal as co-Chair of first lady Michelle Obama's "Joining Forces" campaign.  This appointment does not ensure that the concerns and needs of Military Families and their loved ones will be adequately attended to.

We believe General McChrystal is the wrong choice because of documented involvement in the authorization of torture while serving as Brigadier General in Iraq.  He has also been implicated in the cover up of former NFL player Pat Tillman’s death in Afghanistan and was forced to resign from his position in June, 2010 because of disparaging remarks he and his staff made about President Obama and his administration to a Rolling Stone journalist.

We therefore urge General Stanley McChrystal to resign from the Joining Forces commission so that a more compassionate person can serve in his place. We also encourage President Obama to carefully consider appointing a co-commissioner whose experience and record indicates authentic concern for the myriad of challenges Military Families face every day.