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Over the past two years, New York City has contracted with Wildlife Services, a division of the USDA, to kill Canada geese. The birds are rounded up when they're molting and can't fly away, then taken to mobile gas chambers where they die a slow, painful death.

Officially, the birds are killed for air travel safety. But killing geese doesn't prevent bird strikes. Over the past two years, more than 2,800 geese have been killed, but more have moved in. According to In Defense of Animals, killing the geese is not only ineffective, but may even increase the traffic of Canada geese around the city's airports.

Many advocates believe that public safety isn't the real reason for killing the geese -- some people simply don't want to share their parks with the animals or their droppings.

The city needs to stop killing geese and start exploring more effective, humane solutions, such as landscaping policies to keep the birds away from the areas where they're considered a "nuisance."

Tell NYC Mayor Bloomberg to call off the Canada goose massacre.

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Letter to
Mayor, New York City Michael Bloomberg
Please stop killing New York City's Canada geese. There are more effective, humane answers to protect the public and your parks.

While I understand that the city must take measures to prevent bird strikes, killing resident birds doesn't increase public safety. Smithsonian scientists proved that the Hudson River plane crash of 2009 was caused by migratory geese, not resident geese. Killing the geese who call New York City home only makes it easier for other birds to move in, increasing the air traffic and potential for conflict.

While some New Yorkers may see the birds as a "nuisance," many park goers love the geese. The Brooklyn community was shocked and horrified by last year's gassing of nearly 400 Canada geese in Prospect Park. As predicted, more geese have moved in to replace the ones who were killed; the only result of last year's killing was strained community relations. I urge you not to make the same mistake again.

Killing geese is not the answer. Please call off the Canada goose massacre and explore sustainable, humane methods of managing New York City's goose population.

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