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As we approach the tenth anniversary of 9/11/01, it is past time to allow the survivors the opportunity to honor our fallen friends, colleagues, and strangers that made the ultimate sacrifice to help us, and to symbolically remind the world that while nearly 3,000 people died at the sacred site, many others escaped and continue to bear the memory of that day.  This historic event is less than 2 months away.

The 9/11 Memorial opens to the public in New York City, NY on 9/12/11.  On the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks, the 9/11 Memorial at the World Trade Center site in New York City will be dedicated in a special ceremony for the victim's families.  Currently, the dedication ceremony is planned for the families of the deceased victims but excludes living survivors (victims).  The Memorial Mission Statement on the official website ( recognizes the importance of those living survivors, however, they have currently been excluded from participating in the dedication ceremony.  The Office of the Mayor advises individuals calling the 9/11 hotline [(212) 442-8953] that the dedication ceremony is only for the family of the deceased.  In addition, they've made several public statements (see the links on this page) regarding their intention not to include survivors on the actual anniversary.  The WTCSN was able to secure 75 of the "hottest tickets in town" for the following day (September 12th) to distribute among members.  The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum has survivors included in the Outdoor Symbolic Memorial (

Adding to the life changing events of that day, the potential exclusion from the participation in the memorial ceremonies, that may provide some measure of healing and closure, brings a considerable additional hardship.  Please sign this petition to help give the survivors a voice in this important event.

Letter to
Mayor, The City of New York The Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg
The Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg
Mayor, The City of New York
Office of the Mayor
City Hall
New York, NY 10007
Phone (212) 442-8953
Fax (212) 312-0700

I am writing to ask that you allow the survivors of the World Trade Center attacks to be permitted to attend the 10th anniversary ceremony on 9/11/11. If that is not logistically possible (as previously reported to the media), then I believe alternative arrangements to accommodate the survivors should be made. In the past, the ceremony was held at Zucotti Park which provided adequate space. Currently, the invitation has only been extended to families of deceased victims and excludes living victims. Survivors include (but aren't limited to) witnesses, friends, and colleagues of the deceased, and many were injured (some permanently) on that dark day. They were forever changed by witnessing the loss of life and humanity in this national tragedy and they deserve the right to mourn the loss with others and to show their gratefulness to those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for their lives.

Survivors have annually attended (every year since the Mayor's office first extended the invitation) regardless of the weather and at times when only a small amount of individuals came. The survivors were there to remember those who were lost and to show their gratitude for being the lucky ones to survive.

As we approach the tenth anniversary, it is imperative that we give survivors the opportunity to honor our fallen friends, our colleagues, our family, and symbolically remind the world that while approximately 2,750 people died in the Towers, many more escaped and continue to bear the memory of that day (every single day for some). In addition, I think how we handle this anniversary speaks volumes about the United States of America and our perseverance as a nation to demonstrate our endurance, surviving spirit, dedication and solidarity.


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