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As one of just five states that have absolutely no anti-human trafficking laws in place, Massachusetts makes headlines with women and girls who are unprotected from forced prostitution, along with pimps and johns who run free. Nearly two years ago, House Bill 1328 was filed, but never passed. It is a most basic state legislation that would make it illegal to exploit human beings through force, fraud or coercion, and would hold responsible the people who attempt to do so.

Outlawing slavery seems pretty simple, but without passage of this bill, Massachusetts, as a state, has no way to effectively address the crime. Meanwhile, local news outlets report that at least 300 child victims of forced prostitution have been identified in Suffolk County alone. Their stories are heartbreakingly similar, fraught with physical and emotional scars that will affect them throughout their lives, while their abusers not only evade culpability, but are free to continue victimizing others in the same manner. 

Tell the Massachusetts House of Representatives to get on the stick already and provide law enforcement with the most fundamental tool it needs to combat modern-day slavery. Action to protect women and girls from forced prostitution is woefully overdue.

Letter to
House Minority Leader Bradley Jones, Jr.
Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo
House Majority Leader James Vallee
I am writing as a concerned U.S. citizen who understands that the appalling crime of human trafficking flourishes in places with weak or nonexistent legislation. Massachusetts is one of just five states in the U.S. with no laws whatsoever to prosecute criminals associated with the crime of human trafficking -- including pimps and johns who regularly exploit and abuse women and children for personal gain.

House Bill 1328, providing the most basic legislation the State of Massachusetts needs to address human trafficking, was introduced nearly two years ago, but never passed. Without this vital legislation in place, human trafficking will continue to thrive throughout your state at the expense of its victims. Take one moment to consider the traumatic, lifelong effects brought to each person who suffers a crime such as forced prostitution, and you will understand how important it is to fast-track this legislation.

I respectfully request that you help bring Massachusetts up to speed in its efforts to fight human trafficking, also known as modern-day slavery, with quick passage of HB 1328.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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