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Tell Lowe's to Reject Extremism and Restore Advertising Support to All-American Muslim

Lowe's Home Improvement's decision to pull advertising from TLC's "All-American Muslim" in the wake of an email campaign by a Florida-based right-wing hate group sets a dangerous precedent and emboldens bigots.

TLC launched a popular reality show called “All-American Muslim” about everyday Americans, who happen to be Muslim, going about their lives. They play sports, they go school, they go to work and pay their taxes. This was too much for the anti-Muslim fear mongers at the Florida Family Association, who were outraged that the show was depicting “Muslims as ordinary folks just like you and me.” An article on the organization's website suggests that the show instead depict “one of its secular, attractive nominal Muslims as he decided to get more serious about his faith, and ended up participating in jihad activity or Islamic supremacist efforts.”

Lowe’s should have ignored the canned emails and gone about its business. Instead it caved to a group of bigoted extremists.

Sign our petition to Lowe’s chairman and CEO Robert Niblock right now urging the company to reverse course, reject extremism and reinstate its advertising on “All-American Muslim.”

The company claims it is committed to diversity – it’s time to prove it.

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  • Robert A. Niblock, CEO Lowe's Corporation

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