Tell Lowes Foods to Stop Caging Hens

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As a North Carolina resident for over 25 years, my family and I have always been loyal Lowes Foods shoppers. With so many large grocery chains taking over, we were proud to stand by our local store that does so much to support the local community. However, I can no longer shop at Lowes Foods in good conscience.

I recently found out that Lowes Foods still sources the majority of its eggs from farms that confine egg-laying hens in cruel battery cages. These hens are forced to live in a space the size of an iPad for their entire lives! These intelligent animals are not able to do anything natural, like perching, dust bathing, or even spreading their wings. It is such a barbaric practice that is has even been criminalized in countries all over the world and in several U.S. states.

I will no longer shop at Lowes Foods until it decides to end its support of this extremely cruel practice. Especially when there are so many other retailers nearby, like Food Lion, Harris Teeter, and even Walmart, that have already made the commitment to completely move away from these outdated and inhumane cages.

Please sign my petition to let Lowes Foods know that you will not shop with Lowes Foods until it produces a timeline to completely eliminate the use of cages in its egg supply chain.

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