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Tell Lilith Fair to Restore NARAL to its List of Charities

Lilith Fair, an all-women music festival, removed Crisis Pregnancy Centers, which lie to and mislead women, from its list of possible recipients for proceeds from the concert in response to widespread outrage.

However, at the same time, for no apparent reason, they removed NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina, a woman-friendly organization that fights for women's reproductive health options.

NARAL is an excellent recipient for funding from a festival with a feminist aesthetic, and should be included among the options for people to vote to support.

Tell Lilith Fair to restore NARAL to its list of charities!

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Letter to
Lilith Fair
I was pleased to hear that Lilith Fair has removed Crisis Pregnancy Centers from its list of potential charities. These organizations lie to and mislead women, which is not in keeping with Lilith Fair's woman-friendly agenda.

However, I was disappointed to discover that, at the same time, Lilith Fair also removed NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina from its list of possible recipients for funding from the festival.

NARAL is a pro-women organization that advocates for reproductive rights and honest provision of care. I can see no reason why NARAL was removed alongside clearly anti-women Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Please return NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina to your list of charities immediately, and clarify the criteria you have used to judge who gets to be on that list.

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