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We support Les Schwab Tires Centers creating a permanent site for Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply, by selling them the parcel of urban farmland they are on for the continued good of our community.

Letter to
Portland City Commissioner Dan Saltzman
Real Estate Director Dave Husk
Chairman and CEO Dick Borgman
I am asking you to sell the acre of urban farmland that Naomi's Organic Farm Supply is currently thriving on, so that they can be a permanent resource for our community.

Thank you for leasing to Naomi’s and for your strong commitment to the local communities you serve as well as your renowned customer service. The current lease agreement with you expires May 31st of this year. It is for these reasons that I am asking you, as Les Schwab Corporate Division, to work with us towards a mutually beneficial destination.

I would welcome another Les Schwab Tire Store in Portland, but not at the expense of the currently thriving, woman-owned, local business that supplies farmers and gardeners throughout the Portland Metro Area and beyond.

There is room for an innovative and sustainable, large one acre Les Schwab Tire Store and keeping the current one acre Naomi’s urban farmland site that is already thriving, right where it is.

We would love to support both companies at this two acre site for years to come.


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