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Petitioning State Representative Larry Cretul

Tell Larry Cretul to Let Floridians Vote on Offshore Drilling

The disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has made it clear that it is time to permanently protect Florida's coastal waters from the dangers of offshore drilling by allowing citizens to vote on a constitutional amendment to ban it from our shores.

Our marine environment is home to hundreds of unique marine species and birds, brings in nearly $75 billion tourist dollars annually, and provides jobs for thousands of Florida residents. We cannot afford to lose all of this by inviting a catastrophic spill as close as 3 miles from our world class beaches. 

Larry Cretul is Speaker of the House of Representatives of the State of Florida. He has the power to prevent the question of offshore drilling from making its way onto the November ballot where the citizens have a chance to voice their opinion. Don't let him do it!

Letter to
State Representative Larry Cretul
I am writing to urge you, Mr. Speaker, not to block a vote to put a constitutional amendment banning offshore drilling in Florida's state waters on the ballot.

Please give Florida voters the choice to voice our opinion and to amend our constitution to permanently ban oil drilling in state waters and protect our precious coastal areas for future generations.

Standing in the way of the voters now would show that you are favoring the desires of giant oil corporations over the citizens of the state. As Speaker of the House, it is your duty to work on behalf of Florida voters and not special interests.

Stand with the people of Florida, Mr. Speaker, and allow a constitutional amendment banning coastal drilling along Florida's shores on the November ballot.

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