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Tell Kroger/Dillons To Stop Slave-Picked Produce And Support Farm Workers' Rights

In Florida and across the country, men, women, and children are enslaved, abused, and exploited in order to pick tomatoes for America's supermarkets and restaurants. For over a decade, Coalition of Immokalee Workers has investigated and fought modern-day slavery in the tomato industry with their Campaign for Fair Food. The campaign has reached a critical tipping point with the four largest fast-food companies (McDonalds, Yum Brands, Burger King, and Subway) and the three largest foodservice providers (Compass Group, Aramark, and Sodexo) having signed Fair Food agreements with the CIW. Public pressure and momentum on the side of the CIW has also resulted in several of Florida's largest growers coming to the table to participate in the Campaign for Fair Food.

Now, the focus falls squarely on the $550 billion supermarket industry. While grocery stores like Whole Foods have agreed to stand against slavery in agriculture, Kroger/Dillons has refused to sign. It's time for Kroger/Dillons to support fair food and work with suppliers to ensure justice for farm workers and an end to slavery in the tomato industry.

Letter to
CEO, Dillons David Dillion
Corporate Affairs Gary Rhodes
As a loyal customer of the Dillons/Kroger Company, I encourage you and the Kroger Company to take a leadership role in ending forced labor, sub-poverty wages and other human rights abuses that are experienced by the Florida farmworkers who harvest the tomatoes that are sold in Kroger supermarkets.

I am deeply concerned with the human rights crisis present in Florida’s tomato fields and I find that the working conditions of the farmworkers who harvest your company’s tomatoes are as urgent as they are appalling. However, the good news is as a major purchaser of Florida tomatoes, the Kroger Company is in an excellent position to help correct these enormous injustices. By working together with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers the Kroger Company can improve conditions and wages in the fields.

The CIW is an internationally recognized, human rights award-winning farmworker organization based in Immokalee, FL. It has organized more than 3,500 farmworkers, assisted the US Department of Justice and FBI in investigating and prosecuting ten cases of modern-day slavery, and has worked creatively and effectively with corporations such as McDonalds, Taco Bell, Yum! Brands, Burger King, Subway, Sodexo, Aramark, Compass Group and Whole Foods. Working with the CIW will ensure that the tomatoes your company sells are not picked by farmworkers who are exploited or enslaved. Right now, the Kroger Company has the incredible opportunity to partner with the CIW and become a part of the national movement for fair food. Furthermore, I encourage you to work with other suppliers like the Giumarra Company to ensure that all worker rights are protected in your supply chain.

Mr. Dillon, as a loyal customer of your company, I urge Kroger to meet with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and discuss how Kroger can become a leader in socially responsible practices that protect the farmworkers within your supply chain. This is a historical time in the Campaign for Fair Food – please, sign onto an agreement with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and ensure your customers that they can remain proud shoppers of Dillons and Kroger.


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