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Tell Kohl's to Clean its Bed Sheets!

Late last year, the International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF) complied its list of inductees for the 2010 Sweatshop Hall of Shame. Sadly, a favorite department store, Kohl's, made the list. Kohl's was specifically awarded this dubious honor for allowing poor labor practices at its linen supplier, Menderes Tekstil, in Turkey. 

Four people have died at the factory, and overall conditions, wages and life for its workers continue to be poor. Though the ILRF and the Clean Clothes Coaltion (CCC) have appealed to Kohl's, asking the company to address conditions at Menderes Tekstil, they have have refused. Kohl's remains elusive, refusing to own the problem and continuing to sell "dirty" bed sheets. 

Let's see if we, the consumers who keep Kohl's in business, can get the company to listen. Tell Kohl's CEO Kevin Mansell to review, acknowledge and address unsafe and unfair factory conditions for workers at its linen supplier, Menderes Tekstil. 

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