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Tell KLIF: Shock Jocks Shouldn't Joke About LGBT Suicide

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Fort Worth, Texas City Councilman Joel Burns made history last month, when he used a city council meeting to tell his own story of growing up gay, contemplating suicide, but hanging on and building a life that made him both happy and proud. It was the type of spontaneous moment in politics that is, unfortunately, all too rare and all too human. And the world was touched.

Well, everybody but Texas radio host Chris Krok. The KLIF radio personality took to the airwaves to blast Burns for his open talk about homosexuality, and for sharing his experience about the difficulty of growing up a gay youth. Krok even donned his best lisp to imitate the gay lawmaker.

"Look at me! I Thuffered!" Krok said on the radio, pretending to be Burns. He added that Burns ought to just shut up and stop talking about gay bullying, and stop promoting the gay agenda at city council meetings.

Send KLIF a message that Krok's belittling of gay suicide, and of the story shared by Councilman Burns at the City Council meeting, is both offensive and crude. KLIF should expect better of its radio hosts. It's one thing to debate issues, but it's an entirely different thing to mock gay people and suggest that talking about LGBT suicide is promoting the gay agenda.

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