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Tell KFC to stop using rainforest destruction before it's too late!


We've discovered KFC's secret recipe and it's rainforest destruction. Our researchers have found that KFC's throw-away packaging contains rainforest fiber from Indonesia's rainforest.

That's right. KFC is destroying the habitat of the last remaining Sumatran tigers for potato wedges and 12-piece buckets of extra crispy chicken. It's disgusting.

KFC gets the paper for its packaging from a notoriously destructive company called Asia Pulp & Paper (APP). And APP is driving rainforest destruction in Indonesia at an alarming rate to meet KFC's demands — leaving endangered Sumatran tigers with nowhere to go.

Don't let fast food packaging be the end of the Sumatran tiger and everything else that calls the Indonesian rainforest home. Help us expose the truth behind KFC's real recipe. Tell KFC to stop serving up fast food in forest destruction by taking action today!

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  • KFC President
    Roger Eaton
  • YUM! Brands CEO
    David Novak

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