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Tell John Kasich "Stop Breaking The Law!"


Ohio Governor John Kasich is breaking the law.  On January 7th, Kasich appointed Mark Kvamme, a California resident, to dismantle the Ohio Department of Development and make way for JobsOhio.

The only problem?  Ohio's Constitution and Ohio Law doesn't allow out-of-state residents to be the Director of a State Agency. 

We already know Gov. Kasich thinks that law enforcement officers are "idiots" and don't deserve any employment rights, but now he is openly flaunting Ohio law.  In fact, the non-partisan Legislative Services Commission ruled on February 18th that Kvamme cannot legally be a State Director and yet Gov. Kasich refuses to take action.

Tell Gov. Kasich he is not above the law and he must remove Mark Kvamme from his illegal appointment.

Letter to
Ohio Governor
Rational people can disagree on policy decisions, but everyone agrees that Elected Officials, including yourself, are not above the law. Mark Kvamme is not allowed to be a State Director under the Ohio Constitution and Revised Code, and therefore you must remove him as Director.

On January 7, 2011, you appointed Mark Kvamme, a California Resident, to be the Director of the Ohio Department of Development and he has been serving in that position ever since. The Ohio Constitution and Revised Code require that State Directors must be a resident and registered to vote in Ohio for 30 days prior to an appointment or else it is illegal and nullified. Mr. Kvamme is not a resident of Ohio, is not eligible to vote in Ohio, and therefore is not legally appointed to his position.

Not only does this set a bad precedent that Governors are above the law, but it is potentially setting up the State for future litigation and the associated costs. Since Mr. Kvamme is in the position illegally, all of his actions, whether at the Department of Development, Third Frontier, or JobsOhio, are null and void. Any actions, even if they are integral in our job creation efforts, are pushed to the side and are open to legal challenges. Every day Mark Kvamme stays in office, the liability and illegality grows.

Mr. Kasich, you say you want to move at the speed of business, but let's not leave the Constitution by the side of the road. You must remove Mark Kvamme from the position and appoint a legal resident of Ohio to run the Ohio Department of Development. Its illegal to do any less.


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