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Tell Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition to Invite Gay GOP Politician Fred Karger to Candidate's Forum

The Iowa Christian Alliance has scheduled a candidate's forum in March 2011, hoping to attract some big name Republicans planning to run for President in 2012. But one candidate they haven't invited? Gay GOP operative Fred Karger, who has launched a presidential exploratory committee, who has visited Iowa five times, and who has even released a television commercial to introduce himself to voters.

The Iowa Christian Alliance doesn't want Karger in the crowd, because they don't want to acknowledge the presence of gay Republicans, or allow space in the Republican Party to debate LGBT issues. What a shame. Shouldn't Iowa voters be the ones to decide whether Karger's candidacy is legitimate, and not the Iowa Christian Alliance? What do they have to lose by inviting Karger to their event, and allowing him to speak to voters?

Send the Iowa Christian Alliance a message that they shouldn't be afraid to invite Karger to their candidate forum. Let Iowa Republican voters decide whether a candidate sinks or swims, rather than the heavy hand of the Iowa Christian Alliance.

Letter to
President, Iowa Christian Alliance Steve Scheffler
Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition Gopal Krishna
I am deeply disappointed to read that the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition has refused to invite potential presidential candidate Fred Karger to a planned March 2011 candidate forum in Waukee, Iowa. According to the Des Moines Register, you said that Karger can't be considered a legitimate candidate.

That simply isn't true. Karger has visited Iowa five times, has released a television commercial introducing himself to voters, has an official exploratory committee, and has met hundreds upon hundreds of Iowa voters. He is engaged in this campaign much more than some of the names on your invite list.

It sounds to me that the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition either doesn't want to acknowledge Karger because he's a gay republican, or you're afraid of his candidacy. But shouldn't Iowa voters be the ones who decide whether or not Karger is a serious candidate?

I urge you to reconsider your decision to bar Karger from this event, and offer Karger an invite. If you think he's the wrong Republican for the job, you should have the courage to confront him in a candidate forum, and allow Iowa voters to make up their own minds.

Thank you for your time.