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Tell Innovative Dining Group: Get Bluefin Tuna off Your Menus!

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Bluefin tuna, while still served at a startling frequency, are extremely overfished, edging toward the brink of extinction at a break neck speed. The remaining stocks of this majestic, warm-blooded fish have plummeted by more than 80 percent in recent years. The BP Gulf oil spill further threatened the species when gallons of oil contaminated one of its most important spawning grounds.

Innovative Dining Group (IDG) owns high-end eateries in California, Las Vegas, and Arizona. Two of the company's restaurants, Sushi Roku and Katana, serve bluefin in more than one iteration. There are five Sushi Roku locations, so IDG owns six highly visible restaurants with bluefin on the menus.

IDG says that its bluefin is sustainable because  uses only farm-raised fish from Ten-Qoo Maguro. However, farmed bluefin require a lot of wild fish from unmanaged stocks as a food source. Fish farms like Ten-Qoo Maguro, then, still take a toll on the world's beleaguered oceans. To really conserve bluefin tuna and protect the world's oceans, restaurants shouldn't serve bluefin tuna at all.

Let's tell IDG that the only environmentally responsible decision is to not serve any type of bluefin tuna.

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