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Tell Illinois Lawmakers: Irresponsible Gaming Expansion Hurts our Communities!

Every day things get a little worse in Illinois. Social service and health care facilities are shut down, schools are closing and state workers are being laid off. 

The state is cutting pensions, taxes have gone up, and our credit rating is down. The state can’t pay its bills.

Now politicians want to give away a potential billion dollars in revenue to millionaire racetrack owners and a city-owned casino to Chicago. 

It’s crazy, forfeiting a billion dollars in fees to turn racetracks into casinos.  It means less money for schools, roads and other vital services at a time when our state is in real fiscal trouble.

Tripling the size of gambling in Illinois won’t fix our budget problems. Our legislators need to understand that more gaming only causes more headaches.

Sign our petition and tell our representatives that our workers, our children, and our communities can't afford these kinds of sweetheart deals with racetrack owners. SB1739 is bad deal for Illinois. 

Letter to
Illinois State House
Illinois State Senate
Illinois Governor
As a concerned citizen, I urge you to oppose SB 1739, the bill that will more than double the number of casinos in Illinois, including a city-owned casino in Chicago and slot machines at airports, and provide a billion dollar give-a-away to racetrack owners. Casino jobs and revenues have already dropped by over 30 percent since 2007 with the introduction of the smoking ban, the economic recession, and the activation of a 10th casino in Des Plaines. More casinos are not the answer to our fiscal problems!

Thank you in advance for your consideration and please vote "NO" on SB 1739! I look forward to your response on how you plan to vote on this issue.

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