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Tell I.C.E to stop deportation proceedings for Howard Dean Bailey, and release him!!!!

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Persian Gulf War veteran Howard Dean Bailey, who entered the United States legally in January 1989 at the age of 17 ;from Jamaica W.I, was awaken by sirens and flashing lights at his quiet Chesapeake, Virginia  home where his family slept, on June 10th, 2010. Howard heard a loud bang on the front door and opened only  to be greeted by Federal agents, state troopers and local police. Howard was not afforded the opportunity to properly attire, before he was removed from his home. His wife and daughter screamed, unaware as to why this father, son, brother, uncle, and husband was being taken away in hancuffs and shackles. Howard served time in prison for a criminal infracture in 1995, in which he was innocent. He was released fifteen months later and has since lived an exemplary life.

Howard owned and operated his own business in which he worked twenty four hour days to ensure a roof was provided for his family. He assisted in economic growth by hiring employees, who in turn were able to provide for their families. He utilized his G.I. Bill to purchased two homes, one in which he resided with his family. Howard applied for U.S. citizenship . In 2005 he passed the written portion of the test, and awaited a swear in date. Mr. Bailey made numerous inqueries as to when he would be sworn in.  As a result of his inqueries, he was picked up at his home five years after having passed the written exam for citizenship; for a country that he agreed to bear arms for. His family is now separated, he was head of household. In this economic crisis, his family, employees, charitable and extended community responsibilities are not being maintained. His homes are currently facing foreclosure proceedings because his spouse cannot maintain financial responsibility for them, his employees are left without a source of income, and his children are experiencing trauma as a result of their father's absence in their lives.

Mr. Bailey's attorney submitted several appeals to the courts and they were denied. His attorney recently submitted a request for Prosecutorial Discretion where Howard meets every criteria outlined by Mr. John Morton, Director of ICE, and within three days of receipt the request was denied. Mr. Bailey's attorney will forward a copy of the P.D. to the Attorney General in Washington, D.C; in hopes that he looks at it. Mr. Bailey was told off the record by an I.C.E officer that his superiors joked about him (Mr. Bailey) never being approved for any appeals. Mr. Bailey's phone calls are being monitored and everything he says is used against him.

Mr. Baileys children and family members wrote letters pleading for their loved one's release. His family has not seen Mr. Bailey since June 2011. Mr. Bailey was moved from the processing center in Virginia, and is now currently being detained in New Mexico. Not only is he being detained, but he is also unable to see his loved ones. His family have utilized all of their financial resources to pay for his legal fees. Here is a man, who loved to take on his familial responsibility with great pleasure . He is a family man who loves his children. He certainly does not have to be forced to bear responsibility for them. The  individuals at the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (I.C.E.) are refusing to give him a chance, because they are not taking the time to properly review  his paperwork. Mr. Bailey has remained incident free since that incident in 1997. Please help by telling I.C.E to give Mr. Bailey a second chance at life with his family. Mr. Bailey was part of the effort in Operation Desert Storm on the front line in which Kuwait was liberated, he laid his life on the line for this and other countries. Please help by telling I.C.E to review and change the way, Veterans are treated. Pleastell I.C.E to stay Howard Dean Bailey's deportation order by giving him a second chance at life with his family. Howard's family members are all U.S. citizens who reside in the U.S. Howard attended and graduated from Boys and Girls high school in New York City. He has no address or family connection in Jamaica. I.C.E not only wants to separate Howard's family, they also want to send him to a place where he will be set up for failure due to the fact that he  has no form of family support system and the on going random acts of violence in the country.

John Morton wrote the prosecutorial Discretion to assist people in Mr. Bailey's situation. Mr. Bailey fits the criteria and then some, yet he was denied.

Please tell John Morton and the Obama administation to give Howard Dean Bailey another chance at raising his children.!!!!  

                                                                                                                        F.Y.I, HOWARD DEAN BAILEY HAS NO NEW CHARGES, THE ORIGINAL CHARGE IS AGGRAVATED FELONY FOR THE POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA, FROM 1995. HOWARD ALLOWED SOMEONE TO USE HIS ADDRESS, THIS PERSON WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HIS FRIEND.  THIS FRIEND THEN ASKED HOWARD TO BRING HIM HIS PACKAGE AS HE (THE FRIEND) HAD NO WAY OF PICKING IT UP. AS HOWARD LEFT HIS HOME, HE WAS ARRESTED. Howard had no idea, that this so - called friend was setting him up. To date this friend is living a fabulous live in Virginia, and has never come forward to assist in clearing howard's name !!!!.

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