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Tell Huffington Post to Stop Spreading Misinformation About Pit Bulls

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UPDATE 3/3/10: Katherine Goldstein, HuffPost Green Editor, released the following statement today:

Thanks everyone for your feedback on our photo gallery on dangerous pets. Upon further reflection, we have decided to not include pit bulls in the list. While the information in the caption was not inaccurate, we understand that pit bulls' inclusion may have been out of place within the context of that particular slideshow, which focused on wild animals. We want you to know that the Green section strives to highlight the plight of all kinds of species -  from how animals are affected by climate change to problems of abandoned pets and animal abuse.

Thanks to everyone who sent a letter on behalf of the pit bulls!


Huffington Post included pit bulls in their list of "When Man's Best Friend is Deadly: 9 Dangerous Pets" alongside tigers, alligators, and other animals "not meant to be domesticated."

Here's what they wrote:

While pit bulls can be warm and make good pets, when trained to fight, their aggression and ferociousness spells trouble when they're provoked. They are responsible for the largest number of (fatal) attacks on humans compared to any other breed. A number of cities have banned pit bulls altogether.

Tell the Huffington Post to apologize for spreading misinformation about pit bulls!

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